My name is Brian. I was a full time professional firefighter and fire investigator for 25 years. In my demanding career, I was in a constant battle between age vrs. abilities. Each year that passed, the logistics of my career, with each alarm and task at hand demanded more, my body offered less. Even though the Drs. said welcome to the aging process, this reasoning, did not sit well with me.

It was then, it became very clear to me, through countless hours of research and seminar attendance, that the answer of renewed energy and health were not in the Drs. hands but in mine.

Within one year, through God’s guidance and direction, my body was energized, renewed and transformed, through the consuming of whole food plant based meal plans, including low in fat high, high in protein venison, as my primary protein source.

It was through God’s intervention, 5 years later, that my paths were directed, into the opportunity, to be part of and lead people in hope and inspiration, through The Primal Reset.