Our Story

The founders of Primal Eats come from a long line of Wisconsin hunters, fishermen, gardeners and gatherers. We have that eye to the ground, nose to the wind, ear to the beast instinct that leads a man to the field, lake and forest. We respect God’s goodness in the bounty of the land and look to His commands to center our lives. Our kids and employees are encouraged to work hard and honest and to look out for one another.
Roots in the food business began 3 generations ago and prime, quality food has been the family trade. We know that the best food starts with natural, wild, wholesome ingredients. That’s how we prepare our meals at home and that’s how each Primal Eats product begins. From the field, forest, lake and hive our natural sourced meats, fish, cheeses, sweeteners and spices combine to make Primal Eats products the best they can be.
A good day’s labor is rewarded with something savory and the company of loved ones. With this in mind, we strive to feed your taste buds and instinct with some of our favorite ready to eat foods so you can relax and enjoy the bounty.
Some foods need a top dress to make them smack; so we make sauces that begin with ingredients from the bounty of the land. Know that Primal Eats maple syrup and honey from the hive are guaranteed – real from Wisconsin!
As we feed you, you feed us! Let your instinct be your guide and a few clicks will bring something Primal to your doorstep. Thank you for your business! We appreciate even your consideration. God Bless your family. God bless the USA.