Primal Reset Guidelines

Eating Guidelines – How to Reset
We’re going to prepare every meal with clean nutrition. That is, whole ingredients that when
we look at them, we know that God made them, and we can see that they are good to eat.
Drinking 50+ ounces of water a day will keep us hydrated.
Venison is the Primal Red Meat Protein. Why? Because venison is very dense, therefore filling
and has half the fat of beef. Choose from any 100% venison cut including ground venison, roast,
or tenderloin.
The Primal Reset Shopping Cart:
Venison, Chicken Breast or Tenders, Fish, Seafood
Vegetables & Potatoes
Spices, Herbs, Bouillon Bases, liquid stocks
Raw/Pure Honey
Coffee & Tea
Off limits
Sugar, Alcohol, Oil, Cream, Dairy, “Milk”, Cheese, Fatty Meats, Flour, Bread, Nuts.
Clear these out of your home if possible.
Morning Juice Fast
Blend or Juice 2/3 Vegetables and 1/3 Fruit preparing 12-20 ounces for the day.
We recommend Celery, or Cucumber, plus Carrots, add ½-1 lemon, add a whole fruit (Apple,
Orange, Mango, or 1/5 Pineapple. You can enhance the flavor with fresh mint, ginger, parsley
or other herbs if desired.
Consume 4 ounces of juice at a time throughout the morning and be prepared to experience
enhanced clarity by the 3 rd day.
To save time make enough juice for 2 days keeping refrigerated.
Lunch and Dinner
Venison 4-6 ounces, Vegetables (all you want), Fruit (1-2), 1 Potato (if desired), Spices & Herbs
(Substitute venison with 6 ounces Fish or seafood 2-4 meals a week)
Avoid these! Choose water first. If you need a snack choose 1 from this list: vegetables, 1 fruit,
2-3 tablespoons cooked beans, Dried Wasabi Peas, 2-3 ounces white meat chicken; or 4 ounces
of the juice you made for breakfast can be taken anytime of the day.

Up to 12 ounces of diet soda a day will not harm your weight loss goal. If that is what it takes to
avoid alcohol or get your morning caffeine do it! Our test Primal Reset Candidates have proven
that consuming more than 1 diet soda a day spoils desired weight loss results.
Raw/Pure Honey and Bee Bread have so many health benefits that we encourage you take up
to 2 teaspoons a day. Be aware that honey products should never be given to children under 1
year of age.
A Notice For Those Over 300 Pounds
Your beginning caloric needs are greater. Until you are under 300 pounds you may need to
consume up to double the meat, fish, and seafood portions. Eat more ounces in vegetables
than in meat; and utilize the snack suggestions. Strive to reduce your portions and snack habits
over time. Know that the Primal Team is praying for you!